Weird Things the Previous Owners Did: Part One

So you’ve already seen a lot of the weird stuff that the previous owners did to the house that we’re slowly discovering. Like that super retro wallpaper in the Pie’s office that’s been painted over a bunch of times.

Home to Bel-Air First Night 54

And the peculiar closet paint.

Home to Bel-Air First Night 20

And those I can just chalk up to peculiar taste and peculiar renovation styles. It’s an old house. That’s fine. These things are to be expected.

This one, though, has me scratching my head. At some point in the last ten years, they re-did the kitchen. They probably replaced all the cabinets with the thought of selling in mind, so, while they’re nice enough to look at, they’re not very well-made or well-put-together. And that’s fine. I get that. At some point I’m going to gut the whole thing anyway and make it more to my liking.

Weird Things Part One 6

But when they added all the hardware to the cupboards and drawers, they left off the handle for ONE single drawer.

Weird Things Part One 1

For a whole week I did not think there was actually a drawer there. Because it had no handle. The Pie discovered it. So now he keeps weird things in it.

Weird Things Part One 2

But that’s not all! For all the other cabinets and drawers they installed these very simple handles which I quite like. But they’re all loose. So at first I thought maybe they’d just been badly installed or had come loose in the intervening years and the sellers were just so keen to get out of there that they didn’t bother to tighten them up.

So I tried to tighten them.

Weird Things Part One 3

And discovered that EVERY SINGLE SCREW they used to install the hardware was 1/8″ too long. Every. Single. One. So I can’t tighten them any further than they already are.

Weird Things Part One 4

That means that they bought a box of screws after eyeballing the thickness of the cabinetry and discovered on the first one that they were too long. But rather than returning the box of screws and getting another set that are slightly shorter, they simply said, “ah, screw it!” (literally) and proceeded to attach them to every single cabinet and door.

Weird Things Part One 5

So now I have to go and buy a box of screws that is 1/8″ shorter than these ones. And replace every single one of them.

Ah, the joys of home ownership!

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

17 thoughts on “Weird Things the Previous Owners Did: Part One”

      1. Oh man! I lived in a house once with dark green sponge painting on the walls and weird pink rag-roll painting in all the bedrooms. It was truly terrible. THAT took forever to paint over.

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  1. I can not tell from the picture …it looks like your drawer fronts and doors are Thermofoil ( ) over MDF (medium density fiberboard. If that is the case you might consider some washers . So maybe you can reuse the longer screws after all.
    Medium density fiberboard is known to eat itself when you use wood screws so in time the whole will be larger then the screw. using washers might prolong the life of your hardware.


    1. Oh wow, thanks for the tip! They are indeed Thermofoil, which is another reason why we’ll probably replace them in the future. I will grab me some washers next time I’m at the hardware store.


      1. Oh definitely – these ones are just clearly flimsy and not well-installed. They’ll do until we can work in the kitchen for a while and figure out what we really need.


      2. It is a good time to create a vision board for the kitchen and list all your wishes so later you can decide if you want to re do it or work with the existing lay out.
        And after you have a solid plan you can go look for cabinets. And there are so many places you can get them from.

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  2. My husband used to install cabinets and said hardware screws were standard sized so they often had to trim the screws with snips. He said that’s something he did whether cheap or high end cabinetry. And that those installers were just lazy.

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  3. This had me cracking up! I’ve had quite a lot of things throughout the years of remodel that have made me wonder similar things about the previous owners of our house! Good luck getting it all sorted! 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy! Truly the joys of owning a home! At least because you own it, you can completely change everything– It would be so much worse if you were only renting. I’m glad you’re able to get a laugh out of all of this though!


  5. I think it drives me craziest that your fridge sticks out at least 4in past the cabinets! It’s all, “HI I’M THE FRIDGE, LOOK AT ME NOWWWW.”
    We actually know th people who had this house before us, joys of a small town, and I will NEVER figure out why the master bedroom is blue and yellow. Bright ass blue and yellow. And…10 years later it still is as I can’t figure out what to do about it!


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