Ugly Christmas Sweaters

About two weeks back we had some friends over for an afternoon of craftiness to make ugly Christmas sweaters. I’m sure you’ve seen the trend of people fighting over hideous Cosby-esque holiday sweaters in thrift stores across North America. And there’s a growing group of people who have skipped the scavenging part and are simply making their own, so that’s what we did on this particular occasion. We’re a rather irreverent bunch, and took the true spirit of the ugly Christmas sweater (ugly, tasteless, slightly offensive) to heart. Here are some of the results we came up with, for men and women, young and old. All you need is a sweater, a glue gun and some great ideas!

Ugly Sweaters 2015 1
Some of our dollar store and thrift store haul.
Ugly Sweaters 2015 2
As always, Gren was very helpful.
Ugly Sweaters 2015 3
The college girl sweater.
Ugly Sweaters 2015 5
The garland as faux fur trim really brings everything together. Hope it’s not too itchy.
Ugly Sweaters 2015 6
A small child is really going to enjoy the idea of reindeer pooping presents. So THAT’s where they come from!
Ugly Sweaters 2015 7
For those who are expecting …
Ugly Sweaters 2015 10
A ski hill. On a sweater. The battery pack for the lights is stored in the sequinned hat, which is sewn onto the back of the collar like a hood.
Ugly Sweaters 2015 14
Not only does the tree light up but the fireplace in this gentleman’s sweater is a pocket for a phone to run a fireplace app, complete with sound effects!

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

10 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

  1. Hahahaha I love these!!! I’ve never thought of MAKING an ugly sweater, but it’s so perfect! Definitely going to have to fit that in sometime this holiday season!


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