Fun with the Silhouette: Temp Tats

Part of my Hallowe’en costume (update on Friday!) is making Poison Ivy look like she’s got actual ivy growing along her skin. For that I chose to pick up some Silhouette temporary tattoo paper. The great thing about this is that you don’t even need a Silhouette to do this project – you can always cut the tattoos out by hand. Any colour printer will do.

Temp Tats 10

Design your tattoos on your computer and make sure to mirror them in the image you print out onto the special paper.

Temp Tats 9

Print them at high quality on the shiny side of the paper.

Temp Tats 8

Use a squeegee to ever so carefully smooth the sticky plastic sleeve over top of the printed and dried design. It’s really quite easy.

Temp Tats 6

Cut it out carefully with scissors. Or use your Silhouette if you’ve got one.

Temp Tats 4

Temp Tats 3

Then go ahead and stick stuff to your skin! These would make great gifts for people if you customized it to their tastes. I bet they’d make great favors at weddings too!

Temp Tats 2

Temp Tats 1


Author: allythebell

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9 thoughts on “Fun with the Silhouette: Temp Tats”

  1. I’ve never heard of these “create-your-own” ones, but that’s such a cool idea and perfect for this time of year! Your costume sounds really cool. Hope you’ll post some finished-look photos! X


    1. You’ll see it all put together on Friday (minus makeup and tattoos) and then I’m sure I’ll have some finished shots with the rest of the group to show off after the weekend!


  2. Those are so cute! I haven’t tried the tattoo paper yet, mostly because I haven’t come up with a good reason to buy it, though I’m sure my kids would love covering themselves in all kinds of things. I’m curious about how well they’ll come off, or if the ink will stain the skin?


    1. I was curious myself, hence the test rectangle. I got in the shower next day and the colour came right off with a gentle scrub. The adhesive seems to be sticking around a little longer, but I hope by tomorrow (2 days, like the package says) it will be gone.


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