Fast-Tip Friday: Drying Herbs


If you’re lucky, you still have time to run out and grab the rest of your late-summer herbs from the garden and do something with them before it’s too late. If you’re me, then while you were out of the country for work the temperatures dropped below zero and now all your basil is a disgusting black mess.


HOWEVER, there’s still hope for a good number of your other hardier herbs.


Since the summer, I’ve been hauling baskets of herbs inside to process. Some end up in butter (because mmmm, butter), and some, like the lemongrass stalks you see in this basket, go in the freezer. But most of them, I dry. It takes almost zero effort on my part and then the herbs are there for me to mix and package as gifts: spice rubs and herbal teas are quick and easy to make.


What makes it easiest is this handy-dandy herb dryer that I picked up from Lee Valley. Hang it somewhere out of the way with good air circulation (for us, that’s over the side of our main staircase), and then just shove it full of fresh herbs.


The mesh will allow air to circulate on all sides, meaning nothing gets mouldy or soggy, and some of your herbs, like lemon balm, will dry in a matter of days. And you didn’t have to do ANYTHING!


Added bonus: for the few days it takes these herbs to start to dry up, the hallway smells like pizza or lemons or whatever we’ve got in the shelves.


Author: allythebell

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26 thoughts on “Fast-Tip Friday: Drying Herbs”

  1. That looks super-handy – I will have to make one! I bundle mine and put them in a paper bag to keep the dust and pet hair off. The paper seems to help dry them, too. Do you dry oregano? Because I have a HUGE oregano plant, and I never seem to do anything with it. It’s the sage I work with mostly – I make rubbed sage and it is soooo nice.

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      1. Ha, it’s a work thing. I’m always throwing them out – be nice to have a use for them. Clean unworn ones, of course! Wire will be harder. And a place out of the way with circulation…


      2. A coat hanger would have the rigidity you’d need, provided you can form it into a loop. Do you have any high ceilings? Just make it not too long and shove it up high somewhere.


      3. I know you’re not huge on cooking but it would also be great if you mixed some fresh stuff with butter and froze it, then used the butter in fry-ups and the like.


      4. Oh we cook every day! I’m just a bad baker 🙂 With limited freezer space. A friend keeps saying he’ll give me his old one, but it never happens and I think it is wrong to pester him about it 😦


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