Handy Items: Circle Cutter

Circle Cutter 8

This right here is a circle cutter, and it’s a pretty ingenious device, which is deceptively simple to use. This one in particular is made by Martha Stewart, and we all know she has her sh*t together when it comes to handy tools.

Circle Cutter 1

So you have this ring, which holds a clear disc inside with a million holes in a spiral. The centre disc spins inside the ring.

Circle Cutter 2

And you have this tiny witchy yet super sharp wee blade on a small handle, which also spins.

Circle Cutter 3

And you have your thing that you want to cut. In my case this is Con-Tact paper made to look like stainless steel. I originally tried to do this with my 2″ circle punch, but things went badly.

Circle Cutter 4

On a reliable and steady cutting surface, place your material. Top with the ring, and figure out how big you want the diameter of your circle to be. Insert the tiny evil blade into the requisite hole in the disc that matches that measurement.

Circle Cutter 5

Then carefully draw your hand around in a circle. The blade will rotate as you go, and the disc will spin. And then all of a sudden you have a perfect circle.

Circle Cutter 6

I’m making quite a few of these. It’s not as fast a process as it would have been with a circle punch but I like the flexibility to make my circles any size I want. I’ll keep you posted as to what I plan to do with them.

Circle Cutter 7

Author: allythebell

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9 thoughts on “Handy Items: Circle Cutter”

  1. I have this cutter and also really like it. But you do have to have a big enough piece of whatever you are cutting that you can keep a firm grip on it outside the frame of the circle. Otherwise the paper spins along with everything else and it gets a bit wonky. For using small bits, a punch is better. Now, I am very curious what you are going to do with these cool circles. (I am still going to do the gel thing, by the way, I love that jellyfish you made.)

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    1. Yes, definitely if you’re just using a scrap the punch is best. My punch sincerely hates this contact paper so that’s the only reason I’m not using it here.

      And the gel thing is so fun!

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  2. Ah yes – Martha. I always seem to want to hug her and strangle her at the same time. I must also commend her tools and things though, she does truly have her sh*t together and I use all of them all the time. How did I EVER survive without a paper folder-creaser things thats pretty and pink with rhinestones? I never would have. I would have been in the dark ages of crafting. And lets take a moment to thank the one upstairs for the Michaels coupons that allow us to afford such wonderful tools and crafty things. *thanks man*
    This circle cutter guy looks fantastic and I must cut a coupon and go get one!

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