Our New Toy! Silhouette Cameo

New Silhouette 25After much deliberation and discussion, it was decided that my parents would purchase a Silhouette Cameo die cutter to be shared between myself, the Pie, and my mother. We ordered it recently and I finally got it set up this past weekend. New Silhouette 10

It’s a bit of a frustrating tool to use, to be honest. The manual, while lengthy, is not particularly useful. There is, however, a plethora of information about it by users on the internet, with handy instructions such as, if your cutting mat is too sticky, rub it with a t-shirt for a bit and it will be fine. Seriously.

New Silhouette 11Basically, you take your paper, stick it to the mat, shove it in the machine, and you’re ready to go. New Silhouette 13

Then you use the software to design a thing and then you “print” it to the machine and the machine cuts it out. It makes a terrifying noise that sounds like it’s jammed and it takes for-freaking-ever but it cuts it.

New Silhouette 15There’s a lot of trial and error, like figuring out how thick your paper is versus the setting on your blade – this butterfly was made with a lower cut setting than it should have been and that’s why you see the rough edges. New Silhouette 1

Another error was trying to use construction paper.

New Silhouette 17Don’t use construction paper. I don’t think it’s cohesive enough. New Silhouette 18

But when you get the settings right it’s so satisfying to pull the paper off and watch the design reveal itself.

New Silhouette 20I originally thought this weird spatula tool would be totally useless. New Silhouette 14

But it’s super handy getting all the little stuff up off the mat.

New Silhouette 21And you can make some really neat 3D objects with some careful layering, like this little succulent. New Silhouette 6

New Silhouette 7And this flower. I MADE THAT. OUT OF PAPER. New Silhouette 5

New Silhouette 2The possibilities this opens up are pretty amazing. My mother wants to use it to create 3D city scapes and greeting cards. The Pie and Trav want it for cutting out custom templates for their role-playing games. It’s also going to be way handy for making screen prints – no more printing out three layers of transparency and hoping they line up properly – I can just print out a sheet of opaque vinyl and adhere it right to the screen. Or use it as a stencil on its own. New Silhouette 22

I also decided to use it to make a nice decorative banner using two different patterns and two colours of paper: the yellow flowers you saw earlier and these green vines.

New Silhouette 23

New Silhouette 24

I used a dab of glue to stick the little flowers to the vines and then I strung both flowers and vines up on a length of fishing line, so it’s all delicate and floaty. I love it!

New Silhouette 33

New Silhouette 32


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

10 thoughts on “Our New Toy! Silhouette Cameo”

  1. Awesome projects. They came out absolutely beautiful! I’m still at the “figuring things out stage” and ripping my designs at the “reveal” stage LOL. But you are so right, the manual doesn’t really help at all (neither does the site). Can’t wait to see more projects =)


    1. OMG yes. It’s definitely trial and error at this point with mostly errors, but I successfully made two t-shirts today with iron-on patterns I cut out on the machine so that’s a step in the right direction!


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