Fast-Tip Friday: Chive Butter and Preserving Your Herbs

Chive Butter 13Since I started growing my own herbs I’m determined to get good use out of them even after the very short growing season here is over.  So I dry them to make tea, or puree them with garlic to make pesto.  And I like to make nice herb butters and things. But did you know you can freeze herb butters? FACT. Chive Butter 4 You can do this in ice cube trays but I bought these bigger ones made by Ball that are designed for you to easily pop out frozen herbs for storage elsewhere. Chive Butter 1 First I grabbed a bunch of chives, about half regular chives and half garlic chives. Chive Butter 2 Then I chopped them up super fine. Chive Butter 3 Added some pepper. Chive Butter 6 And let some butter soften. Chive Butter 7 Then I did some serious squishing. Chive Butter 8 And shoved it all into my nice green containers. Chive Butter 10 Then chucked it in the freezer. Chive Butter 12 Once it’s frozen, you can pop it easily out and store it in a freezer bag or larger freezer jar. Chive Butter 15

Then pop it in your scrambled eggs, lay it over cooked fish, or a nice steak.

Chive Butter 14

Author: allythebell

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11 thoughts on “Fast-Tip Friday: Chive Butter and Preserving Your Herbs”

  1. This looks awesome! I am a new blogger and completely loving the posts by talented people like you. Sending you lots of love! ❤


  2. Brilliant idea Ali, thanks for sharing!
    I’m going to add this to my cooking short-cuts 🙂 I have a similar trick I use to preserve onions: since I often use only half of it if not less, I dice it all anyway (preferably in a blender – it takes just a few seconds!) and then just freeze what’s left in a plastic container, adding nothing. You can also mix different vegs, for instance carrots, onion and celery (they make a wonderful base for tomato and/or meat sauces).


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