Fast-Tip Friday: The Salad Roll


If you haven’t seen this little trick before then I’m super pleased to be able to be the one to show it to you. One of our issues when we make salads or deal with fresh greens is that we always have way too many and they get all gross after just a few days. So one of the tricks we picked up in Newfoundland (the land of rotten vegetables) is this: the salad roll.

So you take your greens, spinach, lettuce, whatever, and you give it a good wash and a bit of a shake (so that there’s still some water on the leaves).


Then you lay it out in a thin layer along the length of a clean dish towel.


And you roll it up. Not too tightly. But tight enough that the leaves aren’t sliding around in there.


Then you can toss this in the fridge and your greens will last so much longer!



Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

15 thoughts on “Fast-Tip Friday: The Salad Roll”

  1. I have used this before and recently switched to using a large stainless steel bowl tightly covered with tin foil. I am still surprised how the crisp the lettuce is at the end of the week!


    1. That sounds very interesting – I wonder what it is about the metal? I don’t have room in my current fridge for a large bowl (except on special occasions) but I’m keeping this one in mind for future use!


  2. Neat trick! 🙂 I’ve had this issue lately with big boxes of salad I get at the store. I usually eat a salad everyday so I buy bigger boxes of organic greens and I notice by the end of the week the bottom greens are a little icky. I’ll have to try this.


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