Indy News

Unfortunately it’s sad news, everyone.

Gren’s aggression to Indy has been escalating in the past week, not de-escalating, and we brought in an experienced dog handler, Lynn Hyndman of Dogs in Harmony (thanks for the recommendation Danger K) to see if anything could be done.

Unfortunately, what she saw only confirmed the growing suspicion I’ve had in the past couple days that things were not going to get any better – that in fact they were simply going to get much, much worse.

Gren is an anxious dog, always has been. With our limited knowledge we tried to mitigate it as best we could over the past four years. We thought that getting him a companion would be a welcome distraction for him and help to calm him down a bit. Instead, the opposite happened. And if we let it continue it would only lead to a dangerous safety situation for Indy with damaging psychological effects in the future, and would make Gren even weirder than he already is.

So yesterday the Pie and I drove Indy away and gave him back to the breeders, who promised to find him a good home where he’ll get the training and affection he needs.

I am by no means an advocate of giving up on pets for the sake of convenience – that’s why animal shelters worldwide are over-capacity. The Pie and I were willing to do whatever it took to make sure we had two happy and healthy dogs. In this particular case it means that we had to give one to someone else and embark on a rigorous rehabilitation program for the other in order for that to happen.

Lynn will be working with us for the next while to help combat Gren’s near constant level of anxiety in the hopes that we can make him a more chill and happier dog who maybe one day will be able to welcome a new dog into the home. Maybe.

So we are not giving up, though it sure feels like it right now. We hope Indy finds a great home somewhere and grows up happy and healthy and we already miss him so very much.

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29 thoughts on “Indy News”

  1. So sorry to hear that. I worried a bit, having experienced a similar thing when we fostered two cats for friends (although surprisingly, our anxious darling wasn’t the aggressor). I’m very proud that you did what was best for both doggies, and I think that bringing in an experienced dog handler shows how committed you are to what is best for each of them.

    Perhaps someday down the road, Gren could like a kitten friend? Or just life as it is. šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. We are hoping some day that we can have a friend for Gren in the house – likely not a cat as the Pie is allergic – but we will have to see.


      1. Interesting! What in cats bothers him that dogs don’t have? Usually people are allergic to both because of fur or dander or whatever.


      2. I know quite a few people who are allergic to one and not the other. I know with cats it has something to do with the quality of their saliva and the fact that they lick themselves all over, whereas dogs don’t.


      3. Poor guy. I sat and watched my cat groom herself the other morning, and she licked the entire left hand side of her body. It was mesmerizing. And a little gross. Kitty spit!


    1. Definitely. It’s very hard now but it’s better for everyone in the long run. Gren is already much calmer now that Indy is gone and the breeder checked in with me this morning to say he’d had a good night.

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  2. We’ve already talked, but I can’t send you enough love. You always do the right thing and I’m eternally proud of you. Good on you for trying your best to make it work, I know you’d never give up anyone or any animal, but you did what was best for both. Love you.


  3. You did above and beyond what most people do when bringing in a new furry family member – but you have to be loyal to Gren and let Indy have a family without scary alpha dog warping his little puppy mind. This is the benefit of going to a breeder rather than a shelter. Indy will be fine, and I hope the old man recovers quickly. Hugs!


  4. You made the right decision for all of you. Hopefully Gren will settle down, and you will be able to bring in a friend for him. šŸ™‚


  5. Hey Ali, I have to commend you on your choice. Many people simply get rid of the problem dog and keep the easy one. Shelters are full of dogs with behavioural problems because people gave up on them. I’m sure Indy will find a great home and Gren is lucky to have such a stable home to help him.
    Incidentally, my husband is also allergic to cats so we have a Devon Rex which doesn’t cause any problems for him. She’s fun and plays piggy-in-the-middle and fetch. Kind of like a dog in a cat-suit. You’d want a kitten though because we introduced a puppy a few months ago and she still hasn’t forgiven us….


  6. I know it was super hard to give up Indy (he’s so freaking adorable!) but I understand your wanting to maintain the sanity of your other dog. We had a similar situation with our dog when my hubby and I had to move back in with my parents and their two dogs. We were excited for our dog Poppet to have dogs to play with b/c she loves playing, but she’s a few years younger than them and about 30 lbs heavier and they totally saw it as an intrusion and got aggressive (whereas she was so happy to be with them). We’ve been wanting to have a second dog, but unsure of how she would do now that she’s a bit older.


    1. Yeah it’s a tricky situation. Gren normally adores playing with puppies when he meets them in the park or when they come over but this time things were different. I guess you’ll just have to see. Maybe ask to babysit someone’s dog for a couple weeks?


      1. We have sort of already done that. Our next door neighbor got a puppy and they got along great. They would love the run down the length of the fence together, and occasionally we would let him in our yard so they could play together. Whenever he was playing too much, she’d go off on her own. She growled at him a bit when he tried to play with her and she didn’t want to, but overall it was a good experience. But I’ll try the babysitting dog thing when we’re not renting a house (our landlords are kinda weird about one dog, much less two).


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