Braided Suede Bracelets

Braided Suede Bracelet 11

I was fooling around after my success in the aftermath of the nautical knot necklaces and I came up with these quick little bracelets. Let’s get one thing straight, though: I have never made jewelry before. I don’t know what is the appropriate thing to use in which situation. So if you do something like this but you do it better? Let me know. Either way, I’m quite pleased with how these turned out, even if they look a little silly on my teenie weenie wrists and fat hands. Bracelets drive me crazy, anyway, but these will make good gifts.

Braided Suede Bracelet 12

I forgot to take pictures at the beginning but it’s pretty straightforward. I picked up some faux suede cord at Wal-Mart when I was getting the other hardware for the necklaces (I was going to get the real suede cord but it was more expensive and when I picked it up it was MOULDY, ew). I cut some of it into three equal pieces just slightly longer than the circumference of an average girl wrist.

Braided Suede Bracelet 1

I used a pinch crimp/ribbon end to hold the three pieces together, then braided it up. I used another crimp on the other end.

Braided Suede Bracelet 2

Then I did that two more times with different coloured cord and attached small jump rings to all the ends.

Braided Suede Bracelet 4

Then I attached all three together with a slightly larger jump ring at both ends.

Braided Suede Bracelet 3

Braided Suede Bracelet 5

And attached a spring ring clasp to that on one side.

Braided Suede Bracelet 6

And this is how it does up. Though in many cases I’m sure you could just slide it on over your hand.

Braided Suede Bracelet 7

Easy peasy.

Braided Suede Bracelet 9

I made three, of slightly varying sizes.

Braided Suede Bracelet 10


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

12 thoughts on “Braided Suede Bracelets”

  1. I THINK there are some crispy end pieces you could buy and put all three braids in at once, instead of attaching them. But otherwise, this is exactly what I would have done.
    They look really cute! Off to the jewelry supplies drawer to scrounge up some faux-suede.


      1. Hahah, I knew what you meant when you said “crispy”! I made another one with a larger crimp and shoved all three braids into the same one, but I did find it difficult to hold all three braids and shove the thing closed without everything falling apart. Maybe I just need some more practice.


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