Two Willow Wreaths

Willow Wreaths 12

When I was a little girl growing up on the naval base in Victoria, there was a set of willow trees I used to play around. And, being the person I am, I would make wreaths out of the willow branches that fell off the trees and give them to my mother or hang them in my clubhouse. The little pond in the central park in my housing development also has a number of willow trees and on one walk with Gren I picked a handful of the fallen branches up to take home.

Willow Wreaths 1

When I was a kid I stripped the leaves off outside. Now I’m a grown-up and I have my own house. I make my own rules. That means leaves on the floor. Until the Pie yells at me. He makes some rules too.

Willow Wreaths 2

Anyway, then you’re left with a bunch of super bendy branches. I started by braiding together one of the multi-branches and bending it into a circle.

Willow Wreaths 3

Willow Wreaths 4


Don’t worry. It gets less wonky and more circular the more branches you add.

Willow Wreaths 5

Then I just started wrapping more and more branches around.

Willow Wreaths 6

Sometimes they went quietly, sometimes they did not. Don’t freak out if you should be having difficulties. It’s just sticks.

Willow Wreaths 7

I ended up with two wreaths, one slightly smaller than the other. Then I left them for a week to kind of dry and harden.

Willow Wreaths 8

Then I just, kind of, started decorating. My objective was to create a nice little gift for the Pie’s grandmother, who recently moved into a retirement community.

Willow Wreaths 13

I remember when my own grandmother was living in her place, she liked to have seasonal decorations to put on her door. I figured why not make the same for my husband’s grandma? You may recognize those wee hearts from the impressions ornaments I made recently.

Willow Wreaths 14

I figured she’d already have a Christmas one, but I could do one for Valentine’s Day.

Willow Wreaths 16

And one for the fall. They’re not really my kind of style (you’ve seen my other wreaths) but I think she’ll like them just fine.

Willow Wreaths 18


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

19 thoughts on “Two Willow Wreaths”

  1. I have a grey willow in my garden – it’s a weed-tree, honestly, and my neighbor on that side hates it so much he trims it without asking us (yeah, it’s on my property, what a shithead, right?). Being as its a placeholder until my lilac gets big enough, I don’t really care and trim it all the time, so have loads of twigs! Leaves go into the compost here, however. Not that there are any left this time of year…


    1. The city has a composting program here so every time I do something messy I just tip it in the bin and it disappears once a week. Seeing as I seem to have just promised another wreath it looks like I’m off in search of more sticks, though!


      1. Ooo, I love making my own dirt! I had too much actually, it’s still sitting in a wheelbarrow in my back garden. Whoops! I kinda like the wreaths without all the stuff on them – can’t see the willow any more!


  2. Beautiful story! Beautiful wreaths! I love that willow is so flexible, bendable. It gives. Lots of metaphor. I love the photo of your Corgi. I recognize the look. We have one too. The rascal! 🙂


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