Sage and Honey Hair Pomade

Sage Pomade 7

I LOVE having short hair. I used to have very, very long hair, which went all the way down my back. It was so long I could sit on it. Now my hair is super short and there’s no going back. Every time I change the style it gets shorter. Eventually I will be bald, and I’m okay with that. Anyway, I really like to style my short hair, but it’s very fine and tends to get frizzy in the humidity. The Pie has extremely curly hair, which does the same thing. So we put various kinds of goo in it to keep it under control. This is one of those things. I like the smell of the sage oil combined with the beeswax – it’s a very nice unisex kind of scent.

Sage Pomade 1

I’m not sure how much of this you want to make (I made a whole bunch to give away as gifts), but the basic proportions that I got from Momtastic are 1 teaspoon coconut oil to 1 teaspoon beeswax to 1 drop essential oil.

Sage Pomade 3

Clean and dry whatever containers you’re planning to put the pomade into. I used some old tins I had lying around that I’d saved from mints or tea, plus some plastic containers out of an old shaving kit belonging to the Pie’s grandfather (though I don’t think he ever used it). To figure out how much space I had to fill with pomade, I poured water into each one and dumped it in a measuring cup ahead of time. This ended up making about 2 1/2 cups.

Sage Pomade 2

Plop your ingredients in a double boiler (or a heatproof bowl set above a pot of barely simmering water) and melt that stuff the heck down. I didn’t bother to chop up my beeswax because I messed up my wrist temporarily, but it melted just fine as it was.

Sage Pomade 4

Add in the appropriate number of drops of your essential oil. I used sage, as I mentioned, because it’s a nice relaxing herb.

Sage Pomade 6

Pour the melted mixture into your containers and let it set.

Sage Pomade 8

I saved the bowl scrapings for myself.

Sage Pomade 10

Look at these pretty golden bars of hair loveliness!

Sage Pomade 11

Sage Pomade 12

To use, just scrape out a pea-sized amount with your fingernail. Rub briskly between your palms to melt the wax, and then apply to wet or dry hair.

Sage Pomade 13

I like to put it in while my hair is still damp and then blowdry it to set up some texture.

Sage Pomade 9

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9 thoughts on “Sage and Honey Hair Pomade”

  1. I just had my hair cut back to a pixie cut yesterday after a year and a half of growing it out (yay!). I’m keen to make this, but I’m wondering if it’s hard to wash out because of the beeswax?


    1. Hooray for short hair! I don’t find it is difficult to wash it out, provided you wash your hair in warm/hot water, but I guess it depends on your hair texture and how much you put in … In any case, I accidentally put too much in one day and it was mostly gone in the first wash, not noticeable when my hair dried, and then fully gone by the next time.


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