A-Camping We Will Go: In the Woods

This weekend we are going camping for the first time since we were in Gros Morne in 2011.  The Pie and I have always loved camping – we find it so relaxing to have that forced disconnect from the bustle of urban living, where your only concern is how to fill the time between meals.

Before In the Woods 2

Now, we camp with our car, and a bunch of stuff (see picture). While we *could* concern ourselves with weight allowances and space and shove everything we own into a backpack full of tiny expensive camping equipment, we choose not to. Camping for us is a holiday, not an exercise in survival. Still, even with the ability to shove everything you own in a car to keep it warm and dry you still have to do a certain amount of forward-thinking, and this year I wanted to carry that organization over into our meal planning.

Before In the Woods 7

Before In the Woods 8

Before In the Woods 9

Before In the Woods 6

Normally we pick up groceries on the way to the campsite and kind of wing our meals throughout our stay. This leaves us at the end with a lot of bizarre leftovers: squashed, soggy hamburger buns, marshmallows melted into their plastic bag, huge jars of condiments, and cheese with elements of pine needle in it. We end up throwing most of it out, and we also get really sick of hot dogs by the end of our trip.

Before In the Woods 1

This time I vowed things would be different, and that we would come out of it with as little waste as possible, while still enjoying high-quality meals.  It meant, however, that I had to plan – though if you know me by now, you know that this is where I excel, and I have the collection of wee containers to prove it.   So here I’m introducing a new category today: In the Woods, in homage to the great dishes I have already produced in the middle of nowhere.  Starting Monday, and for the next several posts after that, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the fruits of my planning.  And if you’re not a huge fan of the great outdoors, all of these recipes can be made at home, too!

Before In the Woods 19


Author: allythebell

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5 thoughts on “A-Camping We Will Go: In the Woods”

  1. This sounds awesome. There is a lot of outside/cabin time over here, and I can never think of how to feed the family. Looking forward to some fresh ideas!


  2. Can’t wait! We camp a lot too, and have only just started branching out from hot dogs. Now I feel like I need to branch out from tacos, which has become our other go-to….


  3. Awesome! We do a lot of camping, too. I usually make some stuff ahead, (muffins, granola bars, etc…), and keep the rest super simple. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! We could definitely use some ideas!


    1. Yeah I’ve learned that making ahead is crucial because who wants complicated in the middle of nowhere? Though as you’ll see in the upcoming posts, I wish I’d done some planning for weather contingencies!


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