The Garden Grows

The Garden Grows 3

Check it out.

The Garden Grows 2

The stuff I planted (FROM MUTHA-FLIPPIN’ SEED, YO) is actually growing, amazingly.

The Garden Grows 4

I’m as shocked as you are, given my previous talent for killing all living things.

The Garden Grows 5

But this hosta.  This came with the house.  And it’s enormous.

The Garden Grows 7

It’s blocking the lilies that also came with the house, and the dahlias I recently planted.

The Garden Grows 8

We can’t have that.  Especially as I’m not a huge fan of hostas to begin with.

The Garden Grows 9

And I have that pile of rocks in the front next to the driveway that needs to be dealt with.

The Garden Grows 10

What if … I split the hosta in two and planted it in place of that rock garden? Sounds like a plan. I got up pretty early one hot morning so I could do this before all my pasty white skin burned off.

The Garden Grows 11

First I removed all the rocks in the little bed.

The Garden Grows 12

I left the ones that were under the stairs so they could prevent the soil I was about to add from sliding under the porch.

The Garden Grows 13

In fact, I added back in a few more to make a little wall.

The Garden Grows 18

I knew these rocks were local because so many of them were just STUFFED with fossils, and good ones, too. There used to be an ocean above the Ottawa Valley, and so most of the rocks around town are sandstone with all sorts of little critters petrified inside.

The Garden Grows 14

Now I filled the hole with soil. It took most of one of those awkward 20kg bags.

The Garden Grows 19

Then I wrestled that huge hosta out of the ground in the backyard. There are no photos, because I was covered in mud and sweating like a pig. Turns out I no longer own a shovel, and so had to dig it out with a trowel. And then split it. With a trowel. I felt like a true victor once I had it out of the ground. Once I stuffed it into the bed in the front, I tamped down the soil, fertilized it, and watered it well. The (now plural) hostas took quite a bit of damage during the disinterment and transfer so I want to give them the best chance for survival.

The Garden Grows 20

I don’t want to have to take too much care of these babies, so I took some of the prettier fossil-y rocks and placed them around the hostas to protect the soil from water loss and erosion.

The Garden Grows 21

Because I had so many rocks leftover, I put some in a border around the edge of the wood, just because it looked more interesting.  I still had a ton remaining after this, so they’re currently lining the wall in my garage. I’m sure I’ll come up with something to do with them.

The Garden Grows 22

I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s no feat of professional landscaping or anything, but it’s a sure sight better-looking than what was there before!

The Garden Grows 1


Author: allythebell

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52 thoughts on “The Garden Grows”

  1. THIS IS SO BRILLIANT! I keep putting plants in places that seem like a good idea in the beginning and then other things grow all over them, so they need moving, and didn’t know it was so …ok I was going to say easy, but I get that it wasn’t, but at least, possible! Well done you. Excellent use of rocks as well. We had so many in our garden we could make this: Maybe we should have just built another room…


    1. Haha, yeah I do that too. Luckily hostas can be moved pretty much at any time, but if you’re not sure, Google it before you move it to ensure you’re not going to massacre something you’ve grown for so long. I love your garden!


      1. Ha! We aren’t so clever in Ireland, but I don’t care as long as they DIE. I found a sweet-pea seedling that was 6″ tall chewed to the ground today. It’s just… Gone. Grrr!


      2. Well I’ve heard your accent, and be dammed if it doesn’t sound so very Irish! I can imagine a load of settlers/immigrants glommed onto the similar weather and made it home!
        Does moss grow on your car over the winter?


      3. In St. John’s? No. There’s about a week of summer and it’s AWESOME. But most of the time it’s cloudy. In Ottawa, we get a looooong hot one …


      4. We are having our week of summer now – it was 23.5 at 6:30 when I left work! I’m devastated that I don’t have it off 😦

        I grew up in Florida and that was just too damn hot. But I’d like a bit more sun that I get in the Whest Of Ireland. Damn Dubliners get more, so unfair!


      5. Well. It got warm as hell here today and suddenly I have the exquisite vision of my mentally ill neighbour in a black thong bikini in front of my house. Talking to me. I’m soooo lucky.


      6. AWESOME. So far all my new neighbours are straight-laced, but I’ll let you know what happens when the temperatures get up around 40 degrees …


      7. Oh, well, I’ve been bitching on FB about listening to his porn habit for a few weeks. And I bet I’m about to be treated to it again. Or not. He might be coming back. With a beer.


      8. That is the best. I’ve sent it on to someone else who needed it. Also we should probably be best friends after this exchange. Only friends share neighbour underwear pictures.


  2. Gardening efforts are always satisfying – ripping up stuff from the ground is strangely cathartic. Also just trolled my way through the above convo on captain underpants – that’s some neighbor…


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