Coordinating My Crafty Crap CLOSET

In the new place, in our office, we have a giant three-paneled closet that covers the entirety of one wall.  If I were someone else I’m sure I would turn this into some kind of clothing storage extravaganza, but we already have two closets in our master bedroom and we don’t even own that many clothes.  I DO, however, own a heckuva lotta crafty crap.

Crafty Crap Closet 1

This past weekend, the Pie was out of town, which meant I was free to make a giant mess by hauling everything out of the crafty crap closet-to be and sorting it before putting it back in.  Here are the “before” shots:

Crafty Crap Closet 4

Crafty Crap Closet 3

Crafty Crap Closet 2

And the after.  The fabric is all neatly folded and entirely visible.

Crafty Crap Closet 6

All my anthro books are stacked higgledy-piggledy on top, but I’ll get around to sorting them, eventually.

Crafty Crap Closet 9

Current works-in-progress are stowed on the shelves below while odds and ends I pick up at thrift shops are hung in bags from the rail.

Crafty Crap Closet 5

I use open-ended shower curtain rings for this. They’re also super-handy for hanging purses and backpacks in closets as well.

Crafty Crap Closet 10

Then all my tools and oddments and accessories are handily plopped on these easy-to-reach shelves on the end. My plastic filing cabinet (not shown, but you can see part of it in the before shot) fits tidily in that bottom floor slot.

Crafty Crap Closet 7

I bought a KVISSLE letter tray from IKEA and it is sitting on my desk, keeping all my bits of paper accessible and unwrinkled.

Crafty Crap Closet 8

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

13 thoughts on “Coordinating My Crafty Crap CLOSET”

  1. I have a closet dedicated to the same purpose (craft/costume/brewing) that is getting cleaned out and reorganized this week as well. I am so jealous of your built-in space! we have a much shorter hanging rod, so, obvioulsy, no room for hanging things like backpacks when we have plenty of costumes on hangers. We use an old bookcase and plastic stacks of drawers to organize the rest. My main goal is to make things more accessible, and knowing where we have stored things. Looks like you have acomplished that!


    1. Yeah I’m not too concerned with it looking pretty as long as it’s tidy and I know where everything is. It is nice to be able to shut the door and not have to look at it if I don’t want to!


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