Screen Door Quick Fix

Our back door and our kitchen balcony door are both large glass doors with screens that make it easy to catch the lovely spring breezes.  The screen doors are of the flimsy sort, however, and they’ve seen a lot of wear and tear.  If I had my druthers, I’d replace them entirely, as the locks are broken and you can’t actually close them all the way.  But it’s not my house, ergo it ain’t my problem.

Yorkville Condition May 2014 25

That said, there are a few things I can do to make them a little more functional (aside from a thorough cleaning — ew).  In the kitchen screen, there’s a tear around my eye level that I want to prevent from getting any bigger.

Screen Door Quick Fix 1

Simple enough.  Use some stout thread and a small needle and just sort of … stitch it up in as tidy a manner as possible.

Screen Door Quick Fix 3

Don’t pull too hard as you do it, or you’ll just end up pulling the screen filaments around and that’s no good.

Screen Door Quick Fix 5

It’s not TOO visible, which is nice. Try to match your thread to the screen colour. Neon is probably not a good choice.

Screen Door Quick Fix 6

Now the basement door is a different story.  After catching Gren trying to do this I know that the previous tenants’ dog probably jumped the gun on going outside before the door was open and went through the screen.

Screen Door Quick Fix 7

Fortunately, the screen isn’t too damaged, but it has popped out of the frame.  This black stuff is called splining, and it’s what holds the screen into the frame.

Screen Door Quick Fix 8

So you want to pull it out a bit from the frame, even around the corner.  Be careful, if the screen is old.  The splining will likely be pretty old. New splining is all spongy and stretchy and lovely. This stuff? Not so much.

Screen Door Quick Fix 9

Pull it out of the frame to just past the point where the screen has come out.

Screen Door Quick Fix 10

Use a spoon to tuck the screen edges back into the frame.

Screen Door Quick Fix 11

And then use the spoon again to push the splining back into place.  There’s a special tool for this, a spliner, but for small-scale stuff like this you can just use a spoon or any other smooth yet pointy object.

Screen Door Quick Fix 12

Make sure that the screen is taut around the splining.  Pull the screen down as much as you can before shoving it back in.

Screen Door Quick Fix 13

And then make sure the splining is shoved back in as far as it can go.

Screen Door Quick Fix 14

There you go.  Screen fixed, door cleaned, crisis averted.  Takes no time at all.

Screen Door Quick Fix 15


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