Our New Digs

We moved! Again. I am itching to start cooking in a kitchen all my own again.

Yorkville Condition May 2014 16

After my parents came back from Florida they no longer needed  us to take care of their house and so we decided to get our own space while we continue our exhaustive house hunt.  We rented a cute little townhouse not far away.  It’s conveniently right next to Krystopf and Atlas’ office, so they can come and bug us at lunch times and we won’t have to brave rush hour traffic to pick Krystopf up for dinner when Atlas steals the car anymore.  And everyone in the neighbourhood seems to be both our age and have dogs, so we’re set!

Yorkville Condition May 2014 45

Plus Gren gets his own backyard and a new window to bark out of.

Yorkville Condition May 2014 25

The old blue carpet is, of course, hilarious, and will take some adjustment, especially as both our couches are more or less the same colour. But at least I don’t have to worry about getting it dirty …

Yorkville Condition May 2014 11

The best part is that in addition to having our own garage, we also have TWO basements! The first one is the ground level, opening to the backyard and the garage.  This is going to be our mudroom/utility room.  It’s also got a crawlspace with the fuse box and some additional storage.

Yorkville Condition May 2014 23

And then there’s a whole OTHER basement, with a five-foot ceiling, that is dry and warm and well-lit and a good place to store winter tires and seasonal gear.

Yorkville Condition May 2014 30

Stay tuned for many hijinks to come as we get ourselves organized.  I’m going to make another attempt at container gardening, and I’m going to have lots of things to show you as we make this place our own. Currently it is utter chaos, with piles of things everywhere and boxes shed like snakeskins littering the joint. But I have internet, which means I can “go” to work tomorrow. And make this post. And that’s all that really matters, right?

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A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

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