Found Wooden Candle Tray

Found Wood Candle Holder 15

I found this hunk of wood in the park back in the fall, and it was interesting enough that I brought it home.  I left it in the garage for a few weeks to dry out, then I dropped it a few times to make sure the wood was solid enough to work with.  And only a few little pieces broke off, so I knew I was good.

Found Wood Candle Holder 1

First we leveled out the wood with these little screw-in feet.  I’m not sure what they are actually called, but they were in a baby food jar in the garage so I’m going with that.

Found Wood Candle Holder 3

Then I measured a routing drill bit to fit the size of a standard tea light. Sorry for the blurry.

Found Wood Candle Holder 2

Then we drilled holes in our hunk o’wood.

Found Wood Candle Holder 5

Stained it.

Found Wood Candle Holder 6


Found Wood Candle Holder 7

Sprayed it with lacquer.

Found Wood Candle Holder 8

And here is the finished product.

Found Wood Candle Holder 14

Found Wood Candle Holder 17

And the finished product on fire.

Found Wood Candle Holder 12

How’s THAT for instruction?


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

7 thoughts on “Found Wooden Candle Tray”

  1. Fabulous! What a fantastic way to bring a rustic, natural element into your home. I’ve done something similar, but rather than leaving it in the garage to dry I put it in my oven on low. That way it killed any hitchhikers that may have tried to come in.


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