Ali Does It’s Holiday DIY Gift Guide

I am so far behind on my DIY holiday gift-giving preparations.  But moving across the country, baby visiting, job searching, job getting, and everything else we have going on right now has taken priority.  Normally we start in September, getting stuff ready, but don’t let that intimidate you.  We just have a really big family, spread all across the world, and these things take time.

So if you are looking for some ideas for stuff to jazz up your holiday gift-giving this year, why don’t you take a second to peek at some of the things I’ve made in previous years?  There will be more of these ideas to follow as I start to catch up on my backlog, but until then, take a gander at these ones and see what you think.  Let me know if I’ve missed any.  Which ones are your favourites?

Here’s a little code to make your searching easier:

¢ → Cheap to make    ε → Easy Peasy     Θ → A Little Tricky/Involved     $ → A Bit Pricey


Baby Boy Blue Blanket ¢Θ

Distractions: Easy Finger Paints ¢ε

Felted Wool Chicken ¢Θ

Make Your Own Playdough! ¢ε


Autumn Leaves Bouquet ¢Θ

Autumn Leaves Butterflies ¢ε

Baseball Bracelet ¢Θ

Button Mosaic ¢ε

Clapboard Coffee Stirrer Wall Art ¢Θ

Crayola Payola ¢Θ

Crayon Rainbows, on Canvas ε

Crystal Cascade ¢Θ

Etching Glass $Θ

Fast, Fun, Free “Fine” Art ¢ε

Frosty Striped Vases and Pom Pom Flowers ¢ε

Going Postal ¢ε

Leaf Skeletons ¢ε

New Found Ornaments ¢ε

Oddities in String Art ¢Θ

Painting Glass and Ceramics $ε

Paper Flowers ¢ε

Paper Wreath ¢ε

Ruched Scarf ¢Θ

Team Project: Beeswax Art ¢Θ

Three-Dimensional Name Plate ¢ε

Tshirt Ring ¢ε

Tweed Felt Oak Leaf Bowls Θ

Wee Clay Pot City ¢ε

Wee Origami Dishes ¢ε


Beauty and the Beets (Home Beauty Products) ¢ε

MacGuyver Mittens ¢ε

(Paperless) Towels ¢ε

Real McCoy Felted Mittens ¢ε

Travel Document Holder from Old Maps $Θ

Vinyl Lunch Bags $Θ


All Truffles, All the Time ε

Barbecue in a Bottle $Θ

Caramel Corn ¢Θ

Chocolate Cherry Cordials $Θ

Christmas Fruit Cakes $Θ

Ice Cream Cake $Θ

MacGyver Balls $ε

Make Your Own Marshmallows Θ

Making Mincemeat (Outta You) $Θ

Oh, Gum Drops! $Θ

Peanut Butter Cups $Θ

Salted Toffee ¢ε

Scottish Shortbread ¢ε

Sweet and Sour Pineapple Relish $Θ

Un-Cola $ε


Button Magnets ¢ε

Cardigan Chair Cozy ¢Θ

Felted Wool Slippers ¢Θ

Finger Knit Basket ¢ε

Have a Drink on Me (Cut Glasses from Bottles) ¢Θ

His & Hers Key Hooks ¢ε

Knit This (Making Knitting Needles) ¢ε

Make Your Mail Literate (Book Mail Sorter) ¢ε

Packing Crate Jewelry Stand ¢ε

Phone Cozy ¢ε

Pleatherversary (Netbook Case) ¢Θ

Rack ‘Em Up! ¢Θ

Rainbow-Dipped Wooden Spoons ε

Rustic Pencil Holder and Homemade Pencils Θ$

Scottie Cardigan Cushion Cover ¢ε

Simple Sewing Machine Cover ¢ε

Tea Cup Candles ¢Θ

Twig Trivet ¢ε

Uncharted 3 Upcycled Jewelry Cabinet ¢Θ

Waterproof Picnic Blanket ¢ε

Wool Patchwork Quilt ¢Θ


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

3 thoughts on “Ali Does It’s Holiday DIY Gift Guide”

  1. What a great post! Thanks for putting all the links in one place, I better get started on some of them before I run out of time!! Such great gift ideas 🙂


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