The Glycerine Trick

Glycerin Leaves 2

I love fall in Ontario.  The changing colours of the trees all around me are something I can never get tired of.  And I love doing things with the beautifully-shaded leaves I pick up from the ground — such as forming those pretty little maple leaf bouquets that Tego and I made last year.  But of course, fallen leaves tend to be somewhat brittle and are likely to fade after a week or two. To make them last longer, shove them in a bowl or other container.

Glycerin Leaves 1

Then, add some glycerin.  Not even kidding. One part glycerin …

Glycerin Leaves 3

… to two parts hot water.

Glycerin Leaves 4

Put something on top to keep them submerged and leave them at least a day.  The longer you leave them the more glycerin the leaves will absorb and the longer they will last.  When you’re ready, take them out, dry them off, and do whatever it was that you were going to do!

Glycerin Leaves 5


Author: allythebell

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12 thoughts on “The Glycerine Trick”

  1. I was just wondering how I could get the leaves to last longer for a project. I wonder if they would retain their color indefinitely if I applied ModPodge to them after drying.


    1. Mod Podge might work, as would any form of sealant I think, or a gel medium. I remember as a kid rubbing lotion into leaves and laminating them with plastic and they lasted forever.


  2. I’m in Ontario too! I can’t believe the weather we’re having – how lucky, huh? 🙂 I love going for walks during this time of the year and watching as the colours progressively change. Raking is another story…. Enjoy your project!


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