Toasty and Clean

Shiny Toaster 1

This is our toaster.  The Pie bought it from the grocery store back when he first moved out of his parents’ place, almost ten years ago.  I think that it is his favourite appliance.  He is a man after all.  Anyway, it’s scratched, it’s rusted, it’s old, and, being a kitchen appliance that is constantly touched, it gets covered in grime.  So before I pack it away, I’m going to give it a decent scrubbing.

Shiny Toaster 2

Unplug the stupid thing first, that goes without saying. Then pull out the little crumb tray at the bottom.

Shiny Toaster 3

Shake that out over the sink or the garbage can.

Shiny Toaster 4

Give it a bit of a scrub with soapy water and set it aside somewhere to dry.

Shiny Toaster 6

Take the toaster itself and flip it upside down and shake it into the sink or garbage can until all the crumbs fall out. I find banging on it helps to dislodge the more stubborn ones.

Shiny Toaster 5

While it’s still upside down, take this opportunity to give the bottom a wipe and get rid of all the crud.

Shiny Toaster 7

Use a dry dish brush to get into all the little crannies.

Shiny Toaster 8

Now, mix up a thin paste of cream of tartar and water, and grab a scrubby sponge.

Shiny Toaster 9

Rub the paste onto the toaster (being careful not to get any water near the electric parts) and scrub gently until all the goo is gone.

Shiny Toaster 10

It will drip everywhere and make a huge mess.

Shiny Toaster 11

You’re going to have to put some elbow grease into this, depending on how long it’s been since you cleaned your toaster, but it’s worth it. I’ll never get all the gunk off the top of my crappy cheap toaster but this is a definite improvement.

Shiny Toaster 12

Wipe off the tartar paste with a damp cloth and buff with a dry tea towel to eliminate streaks.

Shiny Toaster 13

I can see my face in it!

Shiny Toaster 14

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

8 thoughts on “Toasty and Clean”

  1. Oh I didn’t know that cream of tartar was good for cleaning a toaster… I love/hate my toaster. I normally just use a clorox wipe on the outside of it and then shake out everything on the inside lol.


    1. I have a love/hate relationship with most of my appliances. Wipes are good for disinfecting but they tend to leave a bit of a film behind. I guess the cream of tartar is for removing that sort of residue.


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