(Paperless) Towels

(Paperless) Towels 3

I don’t have a super long post for you today, because Krystopf and Atlas finally (after being fogged out and stuck in Halifax for a day) made it to Newfoundland this weekend and we only just got rid of them — I mean, bid them a fond farewell.

Krystopf-Atlas Visit May 2013 5

But I would like to know how you folks feel about paper towels.  Have you managed to eradicate them completely from your lives?  Do you know the trick to drying your hands in public using only one piece of paper towel?

(Paperless) Towels 5

We haven’t yet successfully eliminated paper towels from our household, but we’re working on it.  I bought a pack of 8 rolls of these recycled unbleached eco-friendly suckers  from Costco about four years ago, though, and we still have three rolls left.  So that’s something.  Currently we save our paper towel usage for draining bacon (though we could do that on a rack) and cleaning up dog vomit at 4:00 AM (though we could use cloths for that).

(Paperless) Towels 4

If you do a bit of poking around on the internet you’ll see a lot of people who come up with nifty solutions to the paper towel problem.  Most of them involve using nice absorbent flannel sheets.  In some cases, they’ve cut and hemmed the sheets to be the same size as a standard sheet of paper towel.  And if you want to get really fancy, you can attach snaps or velcro to the corners and have them all attach to each other so it fits on the paper towel roll.

(Paperless) Towels 2

But that seems complicated. What I have are just plain flannel sheets, which my mother lovingly serged for me and gave to me when the Pie and I moved in together.  That’s all you need.  Makes a great housewarming gift, and you can use them for anything, including a makeshift receiving blanket for babies (depending on the size, of course).

(Paperless) Towels 1

I’m not really sure who came up with this particular pattern, but it doesn’t really matter when  you’re wiping up spills.  You can even pick up old flannel sheets at thrift stores and cut them up for this purpose.  The best part of that is they’ve been washed so many times they’re already super-absorbent. The older it is the better!

(Paperless) Towels 6


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6 thoughts on “(Paperless) Towels”

  1. That must have been a cute sheet, and I look forward to re, I guess not ‘up’ cycling some sheets when it comes time. I have totally eradicated paper towels and napkins from our house. We use cloth napkins and rags/cleaning towels. There are some things that I use toilet paper for – if there was a dog mess, and tiny broken shards of glass glass. I never really had paper towel growing up so it wasn’t such a hardship for me as it might have been for others. It was a really hard shift for my husband though. Thanks for the crafty solution and good luck.


  2. I’ve been trying to decrease my usage of paper towels, but I’m finding it difficult to decide between throwing away the paper or waiting two weeks to be able to wash cloth towels (I don’t have my own W/D, so I use my friends’ and I’m scheduled for every two weeks). But I finally got my landlord to install a W/D (soon, I hope) and am very excited to start implementing more environmentally friendly ways of cleaning. And my husband is excited to stop throwing our money away on paper towels…literally. 😛

    Interesting post! Thanks for the idea. 😀


    1. Yeah not having your own machine will definitely make a difference. We got lucky with our place. I don’t think I could ever rent again without at least having my own washer!


  3. Paper towels dry my skin out, so I never use them in restrooms. I just shake them and wipe them on my jeans… see, it’s like bringing your own towel wherever you go! 😀


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