Guest Post: Renovating a TE Stick

Hooray, it’s our first guest post!  I helped the Pie re-do his MadCatz gaming stick back before Christmas and I’ve finally gotten him to agree to do a post about it.  Enjoy the geekery! – Ali

Renovating a TE Stick 37

Hakan is my favourite character from Super Street Fighter 4, and I thought it would be fun to modify the artwork on my fight stick. Here is what it looked like before:

Renovating a TE Stick 1

First you have to take it apart. I unscrewed the top and this is what the insides look like:

Renovating a TE Stick 3

You have to remove the buttons and the stick in order to replace the artwork on the top. It’s a good idea to take a (blurry) picture of the buttons or write down the colour-coding of the wiring so that you can put it all back together in the proper order.

Renovating a TE Stick 4

Blurry button removal:

Renovating a TE Stick 5

This is the old art that I have removed and will be replacing.

Renovating a TE Stick 6

I used a template, which I found on the Shoryuken Forums, to create my Hakan art. I printed it out in colour. Cutting out the circles with an exacto knife was the hard part.

Renovating a TE Stick 7

To make cutting out the negative space easier I traced it on the old art.

Renovating a TE Stick 8

All cut out. You don’t have to worry about those rough edges too much, as the button will cover those up.

Renovating a TE Stick 9

Because the old art was printed on a piece of plastic, I had to print the new art on paper and then purchase a clear plexiglass cover from Canadian Joysticks to go on top. You can see that it is held in place with the buttons and stick. If you wish to get new buttons, this would be the time to replace them all. You can get new buttons and sticks from Akihabara and/or Canadian Joysticks.

Renovating a TE Stick 10

This is where your earlier photo of where the wires go comes in handy.

Renovating a TE Stick 11

Now for the ball top.  I followed this tutorial on the Shoryuken Forums for proper technique.

The first thing you need to do is sand your ball top to rough it up. Use a fine grade sandpaper for this, because you don’t want it TOO rough, just rough enough that the paint sticks.

Renovating a TE Stick 13

Renovating a TE Stick 14

I used Ali’s stale beer bread and a skewer as a prop to hold it up.

Renovating a TE Stick 15

Next, you need to prime the ball. I used two coats of Citadel Imperial Primer in Skull White.  These are acrylic paints designed to be used for painting miniatures, and hold up well to handling.

Renovating a TE Stick 16

Then I used painter’s tape to mask off the parts of the design I wanted to stay white (at least at first).

Renovating a TE Stick 17

Renovating a TE Stick 19

One million coats of red paint later, and Hakan’s skin was filled in.

Renovating a TE Stick 21

Peel off the tape.

Renovating a TE Stick 23

Hakan has turquoise hair. Because he’s awesome.

Renovating a TE Stick 25

I used a permanent marker to add in eyebrows and a nose.

Renovating a TE Stick 31

Then I coated the ball top in a clear sealant and put it back on the fight stick.

Renovating a TE Stick 32

Hakan is awesome.

Renovating a TE Stick 34


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