Handy Items: My Steamy Companions, Continued


If you tuned in on Wednesday you know that I splurged a little at Canadian Tire last weekend and ended up with two steam appliances.  The one I’d like to show you today is the Shark Steam Blaster.  I’ve wanted this thing for months, but I was hoping it would go on sale.  It never did, and I figured now was as good a time as any.  Both sets of parents are coming to stay this summer and I want to make sure the house is as shipshape as possible before they get here.

This machine has some amazing potential.  I’ve only used it twice so far, but the possibilities for it continue to reveal themselves.  The day I got it I waged war on the mildew and weird orange goo and dusty grouting in my bathroom and I’m still reveling in the glorious cleanliness of it all.

The rest of my house?  Well …

I live in an old house.  So the paint is crumbling, and everything has a rough edge, and dusty in all the corners.  All those witchy little corners you can never quite get clean — UNTIL NOW.

Brace yourself.  I’m about to let you in on how grossly filthy my house actually is.

This is the line around my ancient stained ceramic sink.  It’s filled with unidentifiable goo my sponge won’t reach.

My Steamy Companions

This is the godlike cleanliness of my sink edge after I blasted it with some steam.  The whole thing is still scratched and ugly and whatever, but it FEELS clean.  It’s amazing,

My Steamy Companions

When I was looking at purchasing this machine, I read all the reviews.  Most of the negative ones surrounded the fact that the steam blaster isn’t also a vacuum — it just blasts the crap out of stuff and usually spits it somewhere else.  This is kind of gross, as you can see when I used the brush attachment on my stovetop burner rings.

My Steamy Companions

But a quick swipe with a soft cloth and you are left with this gorgeousness. And I didn’t even have to scrub!

My Steamy Companions

I mopped my floor, as well.  This is a floor I’d actually cleaned recently.  You can’t really tell, because the linoleum tiles are ancient and stained and never look clean.  But clean or no, this was the mop head after I’d gone over it once.  I don’t even know where that piece of kibble embedded in the cloth came from.

My Steamy Companions

Then I flipped it over and did it again.  And I’m still picking up goo.  But I would probably eat off that floor now.

My Steamy Companions

There’s even a squeegee so you can do your windows.  It’s pretty neat, though a bit awkward to hold when you get to the bottom of the window.  But still pretty neat.

My Steamy Companions

Remember that this is a machine that shoots out pressurized high temperature steam when you hit a button.  And I haven’t burnt myself yet.  That’s amazing in itself.

My Steamy Companions

Something I want to try is to clean my oven with the steam blaster.  If you know me, you’ll know I am a huge slob when it comes to the inside of my oven.  I started to run out of steam (both literally and figuratively) about an hour into blasting the crap out of my kitchen, but I took a minute to give my oven door a swab with the brush feature.

My Steamy Companions

There wasn’t a lot of pressure behind it, but even so I was amazed at what I could wipe off afterwards with a flannel cloth.

My Steamy Companions

One gross item in my house did manage to defeat it, and that is my scratched up ceramic sink. I have to bleach it on occasion because the staining gets so bad. But you can see the steam did make a few dents in the dingy.

My Steamy Companions

I’m definitely going to use this sucker on the grime of a million past tenants in my place, especially on my fireplace, and the residue of winter all over my stairs.  I’m also going to pry up the burner rings and have at them as well.

I just can’t get over how clean everything FEELS when you’re done wiping it up.  And with very little effort on your own part. AND WITH NO CHEMICALS!

Enough product-plugging from me. Back to the regular crafty, cookie posts on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

6 thoughts on “Handy Items: My Steamy Companions, Continued”

  1. Ali;
    I’ve had the Shark for years. great machine. Also works real good on unwanted door-to-door salesmen. For best effect, use without any of the attachments.


  2. Ally, with this post you have managed to get me excited about the thought of cleaning my house, which is an unbelievably AMAZING accomplishment! Thank you!


  3. I had no idea this kind of thing existed! I’m also an oven-avoider when it comes to my usual routine, so anything to help the task (w/o choking on cleaners) would be an asset. Great post!


    1. Well I haven’t tried it whole-heartedly on my oven yet, though it’s been amazing getting 80 years of soot and grease off my fireplace.

      If you decide to go for one, go to the Canadian Tire on Elizabeth for it. The one out on Kelsey Drive had no idea what I was talking about.


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