Handy Items: My Steamy Companions

It was a steamy weekend here on Elizabeth.  Not because of romance or anything like that (well, there was some of that but I won’t bother you with that), but because of two purchases I made while out with Fussellette on Saturday.

They are the Shark Steam Blaster steam cleaning system, and the Shark Garment Steamer (which was 50% off!) and I got them both from Canadian Tire.

I’m not going to give you specific brand-related product reviews for these things, but I do want to show you a few things that make these appliances very handy items to have around the home.

Let’s look at the garment steamer first, shall we?

My Steamy Companions

I hate ironing.  With the passion of a thousand suns.  With this gadget the only time I need to bust out my ancient ironing board is when I’m doing something crafty and need the flattening power an iron can offer.

I’m assuming all these rigs are easy to assemble and use. There’s only one button, for turning it on and off. Obviously you need to be careful when you are operating this sort of machine, because it is shooting hot steam out of one end.

My Steamy Companions

One of the best things about the steamer is its portability. I can pick it off the stand and carry it about to the extent of its power cord, or an extension cord if necessary. So I can use it on my curtains, which I usually hang while they are wet, so they don’t get seriously wrinkled. But of course there are still a few bumps and dents that require steaming out. The bristle attachment on the steamer head makes it easier to work with thicker fabrics and denser materials.

My Steamy Companions

A few quick swipes of the curtains and not only are they wrinkle-free, they are also completely scent-free as well. This is a handy item indeed if you have a smoker in your house and you find all your porous materials collect the smell of smoke. Or garlic, or other cooking smells.

My Steamy Companions

For us, we just have the dog, so pet odours are our main issue, but fortunately they are limited to the items he can touch, and he is too short to reach the curtains. But I can just run this over our bedspread and now there is no scent of dog on it. There’s no scent at all, in fact.

My Steamy Companions

Very handy for removing odors of smoke, sweat, stale perfume or deodorant, pet smells, you name it. It works well for clothing that you can only dry clean or you don’t want to wash too often. And left behind is the scent of nothing, which in this day and age is the best scent of all.

You can also use it to refresh some of your other cloth treasures. My grandfather gave me this polar bear when I was around two and I don’t care that I’m thirty — I’m never getting rid of it.

My Steamy Companions

And of course this machine is designed to get rid of the wrinkles in fabric. If you take off the bristle attachment it is remarkably good for smoothing out my more delicate dresses, like this one of chiffon silk (which would be ruined with an iron).

My Steamy Companions

Just see what it can do to this faux-pashmina scarf, which you can see got all wrinkled in the washing machine.

My Steamy Companions

A few passes later and you can’t even tell that it (or half of it) was ever wrinkly.

My Steamy Companions

Definitely something worth having on hand. And so much easier to use than an iron, where you have to worry about getting the pleats sorted or the seams lined up …

Now I think in the interests of space I’ll leave off showing you what the Steam Blaster can do until Friday. Stay tuned!

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

7 thoughts on “Handy Items: My Steamy Companions”

  1. thanks for that handy tip! I’m going to try it with the doggie smelling things around the house.

    An idea for vintage stamps: cover bottles, or a vase, or jars, or candle holders in random or orderly designs, and mod-podge ’em. Or a box, like a mini chest or trunk?
    You could make ornaments too, they have those blank items for that sort of project at the craft store, or make some from wood, oh the possibilities are endless.
    Love your blog. Keep up the good work!



  2. I really like your post. I have been thinking of purchasing one and especially now that I am wearing dresses and skirts more often. I cant seem to determine which brand is the best or which one is poor quality. I have read reviews online before and that has not been helpful. Suggestions?


      1. Thanks Ali! I will give it a try and the price is very good. Canadian Tire really stands behind their products too. 🙂


      2. How is yours for cleaning / draining?

        The one I have is a bit fussy–if the hose gets too much of an angle on it, the thing gurgles and won’t let steam out. It’s also not great for horizontal surfaces like bedspreads… and it collects lime like a sonofagun because the resevoir tank doesn’t open so you have to dismantle the whole thing and upend it to drain it. Of course, this means there’s no easy way to clean it . They SAY to put a little vinegar in and run it, but last time I tried that, Trav and I had to abandon ship because it hurts to breathe vinegar. (This came as a surprise to me).

        So I’d say avoid the Conair GS12C?


      3. You have to upend the Shark to drain it as well, but you don’t have to take it apart. I’ve also been using filtered water to avoid deposits. And it’s definitely good on the horizontal as long as you keep the hose stretched out.


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