Improvised Ginger Tea

Improvised Ginger Tea


I wish I could say something more inspirational.  Yesterday was, after all, the two-year anniversary of the inaugural post on this amazing thing we call Ali Does It Herself.  We should celebrate.

But no.

Instead, I’ve been fighting off some ill-begotten form of the plague, and my stomach and I have not had kind words for each other for some time.  Hence the dearth of thick rich foods on the blog as of late.

Anyway, one night, it was particularly bad, and I had nothing on hand that I could take or do that would make me feel better.  So I thought, why not make some ginger tea?  Not that I had any fresh ginger on hand, either, but I can MacGuyver things when I need to.  So I used bottled minced ginger.  It has a dollop or two of canola oil in it, but otherwise it’s just ginger.

And if I put it in a tea infuser I suspected it would suit my purposes quite well.

Improvised Ginger Tea
You can tell I'm sick because I'm wearing my husband's sweatshirt.

So the secret to ginger tea is in boiling ginger (preferably thin slices of the fresh stuff if you have it) in water.  That’s it.  The longer you boil it, the stronger it will be.

Improvised Ginger Tea

I went with ten minutes, because that seemed reasonable.

Improvised Ginger Tea

Then you dump a crapload of honey (or agave) and lime juice into it.  Like a CRAPLOAD.

Improvised Ginger Tea

Then you chug it down.  Works remarkably well.

Improvised Ginger Tea

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3 thoughts on “Improvised Ginger Tea”

  1. I had a roomate from Kazakhstan who made this for me once when I had a nasty cold. It worked wonders and I’ve made it ever since when I feel blech. Get well soon!


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