Have you tried Fussell’s?

Deep Dish

This is how Fussellette got her name.

She was sitting in the MUGS room with the Pie, talking about, of all things, pie (we don’t call him that because he’s sweet and flaky, after all).  They were discussing the merits of ice cream versus whipped cream as a topping.

Fussellette, a native Newfoundlander, mentioned that growing up, she had always had Fussell’s on her pies and desserts.

Deep Dish

The Pie’s first reaction was along the lines of, “what on earth are you talking about?  Fussell’s?”

I’ve never heard of it either.  So Fussellette bought us some.

Apparently it’s a sterilized thick cream in a can, a Newfoundland staple.  Ostensibly it’s from the Golden Butterfly Brand, but on the back you can see it’s distributed by Smucker’s, which is part of Nestlé.  Globalization …

It’s rather clotted and yellowish, but tastes just like what it is, thickened cream.

Deep Dish

We plopped it on our pie.  It was good.

Deep Dish

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

17 thoughts on “Have you tried Fussell’s?”

    1. I’ve eaten lots of fussell’s cream as well.
      Was that cream chilled?
      Also, it seems that you forgot to stir the cream.
      When stirred, It becomes thick and creamier than your photo looks.
      I enjoy it!


      1. It was chilled, yes. Fussellette gave us instructions to “shake the bejeezus out of it” so we did that for about five minutes.

        Shaken or stirred, I still don’t think it’s really for me …


    2. I grew up in Nfld having Fussell’s cream all desserts but have found that it is not as good as it used to be. It was not yellowish and clotted before. It was creamier and it was delicious. They must have changed it.


  1. Interesting! That’s an observation I’ve made in recent months and my sister-in-law was saying the same thing recently – the observation – that we can’t seem to shake cream to the nice consistency we used to get one time. Also, I know someone who likes to add a little sugar to the cream, for example, when added to a dessert.


    1. I haven’t heard anything about it, though I feel like if you try to eliminate an institution like Fussell’s you’re going to have a rebellion on your hands. I wonder why they are doing that?


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