Half-Assed Refinishing

Table Refinish

I found this table in the garage.  Like a bunch of other stuff in there, it’s a little run down and has been lying around for years.  And I’m kind of in need of a table in the kitchen by the window.  I’ve been using my step stool instead, but more often than not I need it as a step stool rather than a table.

Because the table isn’t mine, and doesn’t likely have any real value, I’m not concerned with doing a super good restoration job.  It won’t be anything like Danger K’s coffee table project, but it’ll do for now.

Of course I decide to do these sorts of things in the worst possible weather.  November in St. John’s is wicked windy, and I’m about to use spray paint.  I know.  I’m so smart.  Also, do you like how my porch is rotting away beneath me?  Yeah, I thought you would.

Table Refinish

First I need to scrape away all the flaking paint that I can.  I’m not that concerned with getting it all.  I just need a cleanish surface that I can wreck.  So I used a putty knife to pry up the loose paint.

Table Refinish

And a barbecue brush to scrape away all the other bits that I could.  I’m not going to bother sanding it.

Table Refinish

Ready to paint.  Not that you’d notice, but I didn’t want to get too much paint on the porch, so with some tricky tricks I managed to get some newspaper underneath in all the wind.

Table Refinish

I used the same spray paint that I used to re-paint the fire grate in our living room.  I gave it two coats and was pretty satisfied with the result.

Table Refinish

I actually kinda dig how the white paint shows through in places.

Table Refinish

So there it is, installed and ready to be used.

Table Refinish

All set for my next project!

Table Refinish


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

4 thoughts on “Half-Assed Refinishing”

  1. Awesome job, and great find! It’s always tricky to find a perfect day for spray-painting in this city, especially at this time of year.


  2. It’s a great table, good job! And spray paint is awesome, when you’re not going for perfection. It often doesn’t need primer, and it comes in great finishes. AND, that table was naturally super cute from the start. Good job, I LIKE it!


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