Fun Facts about the Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash

These are berries from the mountain ash tree.  They grow all over North America.  Especially here.

Mountain Ash

The tree bears a remarkable resemblance to the unrelated Rowan tree.  In celtic communities there is a strong mystical connection to the Rowan tree and its guardian role for the spirits of the dead.  So when the Irish and Scottish immigrants came to North America they saw this tree they thought was rowan and felt at home.

Anyway, here in Newfoundland they call them “dogberries.”  Word on the street is that the more berries on the tree in the fall when the leaves fall off, the harsher the winter will be.

Mountain Ash

And this year, let me tell you b’ys, the trees are overloaded with the little red suckers.  It’s gonna be a coooooold winter.  BRRRRR!


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