Inside the Cherimoya

Inside the Cherimoya

This armadillo of a fruit caught my eye at the grocery store the other day.

It’s a heavy fruit native to the high altitude areas of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.  Supposedly, it tastes like a fruity custard when you make it through its armour.

I picked a weighty unripe fruit up and paid for it (a whopping $6.37!) and brought it home.  Then I did some research.

I ripened it at room temperature for several days.  When the cherimoya is ready to eat it should feel like a ripe avocado and yield to the touch.

It’s supposed to brown a little bit on the outside, but not too much.

Inside the Cherimoya

Unfortunately, I noticed that mine was now splitting, and I could see mould on the stem.  Fruit gets shipped to Newfoundland in weird ways.  It’s either totally unripe and spoils by the time it gets here or it ripens in seconds.  This was obviously part of the former category.  It was time to crack it open and see what was inside.

Inside the Cherimoya

Cut the sucker in half.  The white stuff inside is supposed to be super soft and juicy, but mine just looked hard and unappetizing.

Inside the Cherimoya

The seeds are toxic, so don’t eat those.

Inside the Cherimoya

I hacked off a chunk and took a bite.  Nope, definitely not ripe.  It tasted like Labrador tea and I can’t get it out of my mouth!  Maybe I’ll try cherimoya again when I get off this island.

Inside the Cherimoya

You can read more about the cherimoya here and here.

Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

8 thoughts on “Inside the Cherimoya”

  1. I’m chilean and chirimoya it’s wonderful if you know how to eat it. The most common way is the following: Take it when is ripe and after take off all the seeds, add a lot of orange juice and some sugar. Let it stand in the fridge for 1 hour and eat it. You can also make cherimoya ice cream. Delicious.


    1. Thanks Pamela, I keep hearing all these awesome things about the cherimoya. I think the batch I got was just not very good after having traveled all the way to Newfoundland. I plan to try again some day somewhere different.


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