Dog Digestion and Pumpkin

Gren has been living a chaotic life these past few weeks, adjusting to new people, new places, and new food.  He’s also been eating a lot of random objects on the side of the road, and that can wreak havoc with a puppy’s digestive system.

If your dog has a bit of a traveler’s gut, diarrhea, or is constipated, there is a quick and easy solution, and I will let you in on the secret.


It’s pumpkin.

I’m serious.  It has all this lovely fibre in it to help ease a dog’s digestion, without the sugar of your regular fruits.  I’m sure it works on people as well.

You can give your dog up to a tablespoon of pumpkin purée a day.  Just plop it in the dog’s food and all will be well.  I give Gren a teaspoon in the morning and one at night and he’s good to go.

I also add a teaspoon each time of plain yogurt, to make sure his little tummy has all the good bacteria in it that it needs.

Make sure when you’re buying pumpkin in a can that you get the plain stuff, not the pumpkin pie filling.  Your dog doesn’t need the spices and the sugar.

And because you probably won’t need to go through a whole can before your dog’s gut is back to normal, you can freeze the pumpkin in individual serving sizes (like I did here in ice-cube trays) for the next time you need them.


Author: allythebell

A corgi. A small boy. A sense of adventure. Chaos ensues.

6 thoughts on “Dog Digestion and Pumpkin”

  1. Pumpkin is good for other critters, too! I supplement the Fat Green Chicken’s diet with pumpkin and sweet potatoes, because his parrot species is prone to vitamin A deficiencies, and he’s particularly liable to get them.


  2. I know I’m bumping up an old thread here, but this works wonders. I have an English Bulldog, and they are notoriously gassy. Adding 2 TBSP of pumpkin to his food everyday has almost eliminated his …uh… “air freshener”


    1. Haha, oh yeah, Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are the worst for the windy-pops! Gren loves his pumpkin so much he kept licking people’s jack-o-lanterns when out for walks recently. I mean, he poops orange, but at least it’s solid poop, right? (Also it’s so weird how obsessed I am with my dog’s digestion.)


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