Knitting with Four Needles, for the Third Time

If you’ve been following along, you know that my grandmother is teaching my mother and I how to knit mittens on four needles.  Check back for part one and part two of the lesson.

Last time we knit up until we reached the thumb, or the spot where the thumb connects to the hand.For this next part you will need a large safety pin.  You can also use a stitch holder, which is basically a giant safety pin, but the safety pin is smaller and won’t get in your way here.Knit around to your first purl stitch (or if, like me, you apparently knit backwards, your first knit stitch).  Knit that one, then slide the next 8 stitches onto the safety pin (those are the ones between the two purled lines).  Knit the last stitch in the row.Now your thumb stitches are secured and will happily wait until you get back to them.So now you want to knit around the row again until you reach the point where your stitches are hanging out on the safety pin.  Cast on another 6 stitches right here.This is the part that fills in the hole left by the thumb.Now just keep knitting and knitting.  You see how there is now a gap for the thumb to go.Keep knitting away until your rows are even with the top of your thumb.  More on that next time.

Author: allythebell

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5 thoughts on “Knitting with Four Needles, for the Third Time”

  1. Could you please tell me where the rest of your pattern is, I’m been following it as this is the first time I’ve knitted with 4 needles, and I’m now stuck with half a mit………!!


    1. Hi Lynda,
      Sorry about that. I haven’t yet learned the last part myself! My grandmother was teaching my mother and myself but she has since passed away. I think my mother has the instructions, though, so I’ll see if I can pick it up again at Christmas.


      1. So sorry to hear that, Ali. Lovely that she has passed some of her skills on to you though, a lifelong gift. Thanks for getting me started anyway, I will have a go at finishing them myself and let you know how I get on. Best wishes, Lynda.


      2. Thanks for that Lynda. I still have the unfinished mitten myself, so I’ll see if I can get my mother to give me the instructions she has. If I get them, rest assured there will be a post about it!


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