Card Key Chain

Thanks, Alidoesit readers, for a whole year of DIY posts!  Your feedback has been great!

I definitely got this idea from Martha Stewart, but it’s a good one.

I try to avoid joining memberships at stores and things, because I hate carrying cards, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.  As a result my wallet is jam-packed with cards that I don’t necessarily use on a daily basis.  Plus, they’re tucked inside my wallet when the Pie needs them or vice versa.

Some companies are smart and they give you a wee tag to fit on your key chain.

So why not have a key chain solely for the cards you don’t use all the time?

It’s a simple matter to poke holes in all your cards with a hole punch.  I figure that the middle of the side of the card is the best place to avoid cutting through magnetic tape and bar codes and the like.

Then you can just stick them all together on your key chain of choice, ready for you to use whenever you need them, available to whoever needs them.  Hang them in your car, clipped to your purse, or in the front hall by the door — wherever is convenient for you.


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