Ash’s Mother’s Peanut Butter “Fudge”

I remember making this after a sleepover at Ash’s house, standing with Ash and her mother in their kitchen in the middle of a forest on Vancouver Island.  I haven’t seen Ash in person in about 16 years, but I still have this recipe at the beginning of my magic cookbook, and I think of the cedars outside the kitchen window every time I make it.  The Pie, who doesn’t have this memory, nonetheless loves the peanut butter aspect of this easy peasy sweet treat.

It was kind of like this. (Credit: Marine Eco

This isn’t real fudge, so don’t be deluded here.  It doesn’t require cooking over a hot stove with a candy thermometer at the ready, for one thing.  And it’s like instant pudding in that it’s ready to eat almost as soon as you’ve finished making it.

Which makes it all the more awesome.  I do apologize in advance, however, for the photos.  There’s no way you can make chocolate fudge look like anything other than, well, poo.

Butter a baking dish generously and set it aside.  I have also tried lining a dish with plastic wrap, which works well too, if you’re okay with your fudge looking a little wrinkly.  Waxed paper probably works well too.  In fact, I’m going to try it with waxed paper.

In a bowl, mix together 3 3/4 cups icing sugar and 1/2 cup cocoa.

To this add 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter (I bought smooth by accident, alas) and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Melt 1 cup butter and stir that in as well.  Use your hands if you have to.  Make sure to get all the icing sugar at the bottom.

Press your fudge mixture into the pan and flatten it out.

I smacked mine around a little with a spoon.

And stuffed some into novelty ice cube trays.  Why not?  Obviously I need more ice cube trays, for variation.

Refrigerate until hardened, about half an hour, before slicing and eating it all.  I like to put mine in the freezer overnight for extra hardness.  If you don’t eat it all, then keep it in the fridge or it will melt.


Author: allythebell

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One thought on “Ash’s Mother’s Peanut Butter “Fudge””

  1. Ali, I have a question for you regarding the use of this recipe. I’ve made it quite a few times (possibly too many!) and I love it. I’m writing a recipe book this month and I’d love to include this recipe, with credit to you of course. I was just wondering if that would be okay with you? I will totally understand if it’s not, but if you could shoot me an email, that’d be fantastic (
    Thanks heaps, in advance 🙂
    All the best, Zoe


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