Handy Items Week: Dyson Animal

Cait and her fiancé  iPM will be on a whirlwind tour of St. John’s this week, so the Pie and I will be playing host and tour guide while they’re here.

To keep you entertained until they get out of our hair and I can give you your own personal tour of my city, I’m giving you eight days of gadgets that I cannot live without.

Today we have my very favourite wedding present, a gift from my in-laws: the Dyson DC23 Motorhead Animal Canister Vacuum.

The Pie never really understood why one would spend money on tools used to clean a house.  He just didn’t see why one cleaning utensil differed in any real way from another.

Then we got this vacuum.  Oh, man.

He’s a convert.

Sure, this monster of a little machine is not cheap, but it’s the best in the Dyson range, and it’s a serious BEAST.

Totally tiny, easily maneuverable, this wee canister vacuum sucks up dirt and hair like you wouldn’t believe.

It contains a hepa filter, which is good for those of us with dust allergies (really, who isn’t allergic to dust?) and emptying the canister is a one-button process that means you don’t even have to touch the gross things that come out of your floors.The canister itself is easy to clean, as is the filter (hidden in one of the wheels), which just needs to be soaked once every three months or so.It even holds most of its own gadgets for every day cleaning, and everything is very well contained.   It comes with a slew of accessories, as well.  The carpet attachment growls fiercely as it makes your rugs look like new again.  It even has  a ridiculously long cord that retracts perfectly every time.We choose it with pets in mind, though we are animal-less at the moment.  My former boss in Ottawa, however, had two Danes and a Boxer and said this vacuum was the only thing that could get their spiky little hairs out of the furniture.

I’m not really one to plug a brand, but this company knows what it’s doing.


Author: allythebell

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