Stupid Sharp Knives

stupid sharp
Really you only need one knife for everything.

Let’s talk knives for a moment.

Having the right knives on hand turns cooking from a chore into a real pleasure, and it’s worth shelling out a few extra bucks to find the right ones that fit your hand and do the job the way you like it.

I have a million of them, but I only use three of them on a regular basis: chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife.  In the preparation of most of my food, I really only use one of those.

Our major go-to knife is the stupid sharp chef’s knife.  I stay ‘stupid sharp’ because these are the kind of knives that if you look at them funny they will remove your fingers.  We prefer the ones made by Henckels, which you can get at a restaurant supply store like Hendrix.

Another good one, and one to which the Pie has lost much blood, is the Peasant’s Knife from Lee Valley.

We use the chef’s knives for pretty much everything – chopping, carving meat – you name it.  They are so sharp you can use them on pretty much anything.

For the more delicate jobs we use our handy Henckels paring knife.

Good knives do dull after time, and you need a good sharpener.  This one from Lee Valley is the one we use, and I have heard that this one is also very good.

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